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About us

We are pleased to present the laser technological systems that are serially produced  by the Research and Manufacturing Centre «Lasers & Apparatus ТМ».

ESTO - Lasers & Apparatus is an alliance of leading Russian companies, specializing in development, production, sales, service and maintenance of specialized electronic and laser technological equipment.

Over 20 years of presence in the market, highly skilled professional team, integrated high-tech research laboratories and qualified design engineering department, production facility and service center allow us to realize a full cycle of laser-based machining. This includes R&D, design and technical evaluation, equipment mass production, commissioning and service maintenance.

ESTO - Lasers & Apparatus is a recognized leader in manufacturing of laser equipment in Russia when it comes to the volume of R&D, range of covered applications and solutions, quality and volume of production of laser technological systems.

Hundreds of our laser technological systems for high-precision material processing, marking, engraving, cutting and welding, resistor trimming are currently employed in many Russian electronic, nuclear, aviation and space technology, instrument production and other industrial enterprises. Our laser systems are used in Russian and foreign SMEs running their business in manufacturing of consumer goods, medicine, advertisement, innovative technologies and other sectors of economy.

The research and manufacturing centre carries out a big volume of R&D work, dedicated to creation of high-tech equipment to satisfy ever-increasing market needs. Systems based on the newest component base, such as direct drive kinematics, diode-pumped solid-state lasers and fiber lasers were recently adopted for mass production. First deliveries of multicoordinate systems for 3D material processing are already in progress, systems for hybrid welding are currently in development.

ESTO - Lasers & Apparatus is always open for collaboration and for new innovative ideas!