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Eurasian market of solar energy installation and equipment.
A chance for Europe-Russia cooperation
Dr. D.L. Saprykin, Dr. Vl.A.Yagutkin
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ABSTRACT: The main direction of this work analysis are: 1. Structural features of Russian energy consumption market, energy saving and alternative energy sources. Possible growth trends. 2. Equipment, service and HR evaluation. 3. New projects and know-hows. 
In this project the authors have analyzed the potential market for alternative energy sources in Russia and Eurasia. The authors also report the key results of their R&D activity in laser and vacuum equipment for thin-films production. Finally, the main possibilities for cooperation between Russian and foreign enterprises.
Keywords: Economic Analysis, Implementation, PV Market



Russia has got a lot of cheap gas, oil, coal in reserve. There is also well-developed hydroenergetics and atomic energy industry. This fact usually leads to a conclusion that for most Russian consumers the usage of alternative energy sources is not interesting, profitable and altogether irrelevant. However, our analysis shows that because of huge space, harsh climatic conditions and lack of investment in the preceding 30 years, the country has significant shortage of power generation capacities, grids and infrastructure. The land without energy shortage is much more expensive.
Although the base rate for kWh (grid source) is much lower in Russian that in most European countries, the consumer in need of new generation capacity or a new grid element will pay significantly more.
Cold climatic conditions and huge space have always raised a question of energy saving in Russia. The example: the main idea of traditional Russian architecture is energy-saving. As it can be clearly seen from the Picture below, the main features are: little “energy-saving” doors and windows, well-designed ventilating and air-exchange and “the Russian Stove” which is unique power system itself.
In this project we have compared different types of the consumers in Russia, who are in need of additional generation capacity. We have analysed the real price for kWh for these consumers. These types are:
-      Customers, connected to the grid and just in need of additional capacity
-      Customers with connection to the gas generator, but who are not connected to the electrogenerated capacity. Consumers, who are not connected to gas or grid either.
The conclusions are:
     Even today the considerable part of energy consumers in Russia can use the PV-generators effectively.
In ten years time, taking into account the traditional energy sources and infrastructure costs escalation, the only competitor to PV will be natural gas (and even this only in case of existing connection).
The example:
     The development of Special Economical Zone Zelenograd, which residents are Russian manufacturers of vacuum and laser and measuring equipment, electronics and electrotechnics. SEZ “Zelenograd” in the nearest 5-6 years will be in need of up to 100 MWt of enery. In the same time the maximum capacity of the existed grid and gas are not exceed 30 MWt. In the table below we have analyzed different possibilities of conjuring the additional capacity of 70 MWt.
     These estimation shows that even now the employment of alternative energy sources can be really useful and profitable.
The main problem in Eurasia is seasonality. There is much more solar energy in summer than in winter. For extensive use, solar energy should be complemented by alternative energy source with it’s peak production in winter, or by the newest methods of energy saving.
There are some high-tech eneterprises manufacturing new generation of equipment for solar energy.
The example is laser equipment manufacturers: the rusian division of IPG-Photonics corporation and our company, ESTO Co.
The photo below shows the new complex for thin films and silicon processing with fiber and diode lasers (P1, P2, P3, TCO and amorphous silicon restructuring, silicon cutting).
4.1. Cooperative manufacturing of “budget” equipment lines for solar cells production.
4.2. Engineering and installation of solar cells onto residential and industrial buildings.
4.3. Cooperative development of system solutions for small towns, industrial and agricultural areas, where there is not the grid at all, or additional capacity is needed.
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